#1. Nike Meyer, the Nike of Samothrace, and the Atelier Method

#1. Nike Meyer, the Nike of Samothrace, and the Atelier Method

The Nike of Samothrace is arguably one of the most recognizable and important pieces of sculpture from the ancient world. In the case of Nike Meyer, it is a point of fascination and the catalyst for years of rigorous training in the arts through the atelier method. Now more than ten years into her career as a professional artist, Nike is revisiting her roots in Classical Realism with her Artfit collection.

The collection comprises sketches, drawings, and paintings that were made as studies in the process of creating the Nike of Samothrace. The sketch Leg of Germanicus is one example of creating the shading and shaping necessary to render the illusion of a 3-d figure in a 2-d space. The painting Belvedere Torso (another of the great works of the ancient world) is a study of creating that same realism with paint, devoting immense effort to building verisimistic figures. When looking at the sketch Amazone du Vatican you can clearly see the study of drapery and how it falls across a figure. 

In translating these pieces to art clothing the main focus was building out a collection which could portray the process required to create a piece as beautiful as the Nike of Samothrace. As such, much of the collection does focus on the Nike, while also providing other pieces as a sort of context. All of the pieces, paintings and sketches alike, are put onto the clothing with their entire background to convey that these are works intended to be viewed on a square background.

All works presented in this collection are the sole intellectual property of Nike Meyer, even when created from prior images of works. 

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