Collection: Nate Cardozo

    I am a multidisciplinary artist primarily working in a technique I have dubbed "parched paint". My work is inspired by catharsis and the cacophony of life. It is an intuitive exploration of texture, color, and dynamic movement. The pieces I create are seldom titled, instead using dates like entries in a journal. 

     The parching process is unique. Panels are constructed of reclaimed wood and found objects. Oil paint is liberally applied, a slurry of pigment is poured over the surface and then set ablaze. The fire cooks, mixes and bubbles the paint underneath, and occasionally alters the color of the pigment. It is a wonderfully random and transformative process. Parching, itself, is the process of drying or scorching through intense heat. While the paint is seldom dry after the burn I still feel the term is apt.

     I am originally from the woods of central Maine, lived in the mountains of Colorado for many years, and now call the Pacific Northwest my home.